Rabbit breeding and milk producer

No more disease problems, easier maintenance

We are settled in the English Channel. After our visit to SPACE in Rennes, we acquired LM Innovation technology in early 2018.


For rabbits, the water remains clear and the material is clean.

Yields are very good, we are on a consumption index of 3.2. We have a fertility rate that is between 85% and 90%.

We are not bothered with diseases. After the installation of the technology, we no longer have a problem in our breeding.


Cleaner troughs

In the stabling, the cows' troughs are much cleaner than before the technology was installed. We have not reduced our milk production despite a difficult year. The animals are in good condition and there are fewer cells. We found that cows' breasts are softer and healthier.


At home, the water is more pleasant to drink.

We have the feeling of having more vitality and well being inside the body and a feeling of softness after the shower.

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