About structured water

Today, we are a company located in Bayeux in Normandy surrounded by an active, dynamic, competent and motivated team. We have more than 48 distributors and sales agents, distributed in France and in six countries.

Why was the company Au-Delà-de-l'Eau born?

This company with capital of € 74,100 was born in 2011. The aim of this company is to finalize, develop and market LM Innovation technologies.

The designer

Maurice Lepage, I’m always looking for discoveries. After more than 30 years of electronics, hydraulics and hydropneumatics across Europe in the industrial field I am still very curious and in particular of natural phenomena such as water.

It took me over seven years of development to develop a technology on water taking into account the natural influences of the earth on water. Electronic engineer by training and sensitive to the environment, I wanted to make my contribution and develop my knowledge of the electronics of water molecules.

After several years of research in a field where you can quickly pass for a sorcerer or an alchemist, when you are outside the classical system. When you say that you are working on water then you are quickly banned, but fortunately we are no longer in the time of Galilee.

Water electronics

After studying more than 460 rivers, waterfalls, lakes and others, I tried to understand water, what are its properties? From there was born the LM Innovation technology. This technology restructures water and allows it to regain all its original qualities.This technology which is in the field of sustainable development, entirely French manufacturing, in food grade stainless steel 316 L, with porcelain of great purity from Limoges .


This technology which is part of the field of sustainable development, made entirely in France, in food grade 316 L stainless steel, with high purity Limoges porcelain.

Our ethical values

Allow users to drink high-quality water, reduce chemical inputs, work with love of the earth, respect for living things, animals on the farm and all living things.

Water is life, life is beautiful so let’s be respectful and happy.

To respect water is to respect yourself.