LM Innovation structured water: market gardening

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Lower treatment dosages

Structured water is much wetter, it penetrates plant tissue better, evaporates much less and hydrates over a greatly increased time, which reduces watering by about 30%. Having living water brings higher oxygenation and increases the immune system.

Mixing your treatment – with highly structured water – allows you to reduce the dosage prescribed by the manufacturer, from minus 30% to minus 40% without any risk, without any modification and by improving fertilization.

Decrease in fertilizers and weedkillers

Many users have found – in foliar use – good yields with a reduction in fertilizers and weedkillers. Our sales agents and distributors will be able to provide you with information on more efficient techniques.

We can offer you a special technology, to be attached directly to the sprayer, which will allow you to fill it where you want!

The goal of market gardeners is to reduce, even eliminate, the chemicals on the vegetables they grow.