LM Innovation structured water: horticulture

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Water regains its natural capacity for self-purification. It hydrates organisms better. It transmits to plants, animals and humans a vigor that only a few spring waters still have. Structured water is easily assimilated by plant and animal cells, which then have more energy for their growth and natural defenses.

The installation of a technology on the water in a nursery facilitates the uprooting of the shrubs and the wetting is very interesting at the level of the containers

An organic market gardener for 15 years near Bayeux in Calvados, compared his two sites with a total area of ​​2.5 hectares, one equipped with technology, the other not: “first, no more drippers does not get clogged, the soil clay is lighter because the limestone is transformed into calcium, the plants grow better, without disease and the yields are better. “