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Water structured in industrial cleaning:

In poultry, pig and cattle slaughterhouses, we have installed water structuring technologies on the cold and hot water networks. The goal is always the same, to reduce the consumption of detergent chemicals, also lower the washing temperatures, in general, users work with water at a temperature of 55 ° C at a pressure of about 15 bars with strong detergents and use a lot of water per day and per person.

The role of our technology and the power of the water that leaves it makes it possible to lower the hot water temperature by around 20 ° C, to lower the detergents by 30 to 40% depending on the work medium and a pressure of 5 bars is more than enough. Its wettability accelerates all cleaning processes, including floors, tiles, anti-static floors and stainless steel tables.

The benefit of all these reductions can also be found in the waste water, with a marked improvement in the treatment plant and the disappearance of odors from the sewers. These technologies operate without input, without electricity, without chemistry, with limited maintenance and for an unlimited period.