LM Innovation structured water: individuals

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To drink

Structured water is more palatable. Our customers observe that their consumption of tap water is increasing. Digestive problems are regressing. Vitality and energy increase.

Wash yourself

Taking a shower, washing your hands or your face with structured water makes your skin smoother. Our technology has an important action on limestone by transforming it into aragonite although it is still present.

Former President of the United States Barak Obama washed his hands daily with structured water. Fighter jet pilots during the Gulf War took structured water to mix with drinking water (from the film Water).


Thanks to its increased solvents and detergents, the maintenance of linen, the house, windows and vehicles is made easier. With fewer chemicals, cleaning is simplified, stainless steel is shinier and surfaces stay cleaner for longer.


For plants, flowers or the vegetable patch, structured water provides a concrete answer. Our customers testify to better plant growth, beautification of plants and increased conservation over time for vegetables in the garden.

Fight against limestone

Structured water technology is a solution against hard water. The limestone is transformed into aragonite, it no longer deposits. The anti-limescale reactors on offer make it possible to gently descale old installations, preserve the natural qualities of water and protect the environment.