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We have installed our technology with individuals, professionals and all have seen positive results. Whether it’s better performance, easier cleaning or saving on phyto products. Critics are unanimous about the goods made from structured water.

But let the experts speak for themselves.

They were won over by LM Innovation structured water

Poultry farming and structured water

Rabbit breeder

Delicatessen laboratory

Prat Torras charcuterie

Marble in the jura

Structured water in bakeries

Plaud bakery at Roche Bernard

Astrid swimming pool in the Landes

Sharing Astrid and his family

Structured water for washing station

Savings in cleaning products

Structured water for the home

Installation of technology for business and home

Water and beef calf rearing

Structured water has an effect on milk for feeding calves.

Water and vegetable crops

Strawberry market gardening in Plougastel

Saving water in organic market gardening

Gain in watering and production in organic market gardening

The gardens of the earth and structured water

Natural gardening, wetting power of structured water

Washing vegetables

Better preservation of vegetables by washing with structured water

Market gardener in Marans

Structured water offers better yields, better conservation.

Market gardening in sustainable agriculture

Improved production with structured water

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