LM Innovation structured water: breeding

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For dairy cows, water is the first food hence the importance of high quality water, it facilitates transit thanks to a better quality rumen with much more active protozoa, there is has more seaweed in the drinkers.

Calves for slaughter

For beef calves reared on milk powder, structured water is remarkably effective.


In breeding, the water no longer stagnates in the bars. Water is one of the main elements for the good growth of the animal, hence the importance of its bacteriological quality. The odors of ammonia are less tenacious. There are fewer flies in the rooms, the slurry works much faster.


The installation of LM Innovation technology in laying hen, geese or duck farms improves crucial points related to water: the basins are cleaner, without biofilm. The results observed are: fewer downgraded eggs, a reduction in mortality and an overall better condition of the animals. Consult the testimonials of our customers who have adopted structured water for their poultry farming.