Structured water

Thanks to LM Innovation technologies, offer yourself a more natural, more vibrant water

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About structured water

Restructure water for domestic use in agriculture, industry and crafts.
Without consumables and easy installation, the LM Innovation technology works on the structure of water to restore its beneficial natural properties.

A technology at the service of man

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Application of structured water

Structured water can be used in several areas.

Water quality


Structured water

Structured water is water rich in oxygen (the oxygen level is not increased, it is made more available) which gives it significant antibacterial and antioxidant power.


Internal activity

Due to its restored internal activity, it naturally purifies itself.



Its detergent and degreasing side makes it possible to clean oily and greasy surfaces.

Mâche Marans


Very wetting water which penetrates the tissues, thanks to its largely increased dissolved oxygen.


Structured water also has great flocculating power.


Higher quality

Structured water has a very high surface tension which gives it very slow evaporation.


Market garden of Marans

All the benefits of structured water in market gardening, better yield, better conservation.

The orchards of Brieste

Better hydration of plants, less phytosanitary products in the cultivation of prunes.

Delicatessen Prat Torras

For ham and / or cheese cutting machines, stainless steel scales, cutting boards, the results are impressive.

Astrid's swimming pool

First, I could see that the pool water is warmer than usual, three or four degrees higher than the pools around us. It is very pleasant to swim in this pool because there is no longer any salt or chlorine.

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