Understand the principles of structured water or energized water
What is structured water?

Is structured water an answer to the problems posed by water today? LM Innovation provides its answers.

In a few words, what is structured water?


Structured water or energized water is water that has regained its natural qualities:

  • Structured water is water whose organization of molecules and atoms is restored.
  • This function is magnetic.

The hydrogen and oxygen atoms constitute a magnetic field different from their polarities, the bonds between the atoms are very ephemeral, once devoid of these unnatural electromagnetic charges, the reorganization of these atoms constitutes water molecules in the form of clusters. The internal activity of atoms in water is 10-12 so we are talking about ordered water. These bonds are sensitive and fragile when exposed to unnatural electrical charges.

Structured water is more living water, coherent water.

Structured water or energized water?
All structured waters are necessarily dynamized, but dynamized waters are not necessarily structured.

We see ourselves as mere vectors in the service of this precious liquid which still holds so many secrets.

What we do is allow everyone, plants, animals and humans, to enjoy the benefits of structured water and live better every day.

How the technology works


The principle of LM Innovation technology is based on a movement applied to water around informed porcelain. By the inlet pressure of the water in the centrifugal and levogyre, dextrogyre and centripetal form, all around the informed porcelain which diffuses natural magnetic information, the water prints, like a magnetic tape of biological information .

We could compare this water as in nature to a source or a stream where water takes its mineral, telluric and cosmic information. As it was a little more than 100 years ago before the arrival of industries and chemistry.

The LM Innovation structured water device

LM Innovation technology is based on a purely mechanical and magnetic principle. The proportions of the porcelain and the stainless steel part have been calculated very precisely, so as not to crush or loosen the incoming body of water. The minimum inlet pressure must be respected for optimal operation, these technical data will be seen with the technician who will accompany you during the purchase.

The installation of the technology is relatively simple, entry and exit simply. The technology is connected to the network inlet and structured water is available at all times for private or professional use. LM Innovation technology can be used without consumables, electricity and maintenance. There are no wearing parts.


The cylindrical tank is made of food-grade stainless steel, French manufacturing. This stainless steel meets French food standards (ACS – 18ACCLY531).


The porcelain meets very precise specifications. This is the heart of our technology, it must be totally free from slag.

It is cooked in a gas oven to avoid the electromagnetic waves from an electric oven. Then a program of several wavelengths is written through very sophisticated equipment to inform the porcelain, such as a magnetic tape. This porcelain becomes a permanent transmitter of biological waves.

Design of LM Innovation technology

The design, development and manufacturing stages of LM Innovation structured water technologies have spanned many years. If you want to know more about our company, its history and its philosophy, consult our page “Who are we?”.

Informed porcelain, energized water

As it is designed, its proportions are calculated on the golden ratio, informed porcelain is a natural transmitter of information in the form of electromagnetic waves. The water that circulates around the cylinder reacts by taking this information, we speak of informed water.

The hydrogen-oxygen atoms form a dipole, they reorganize thanks to the electrical charge removed in the water. The water molecules add up thus forming clusters. We then speak of internal structure.


There are many different structures depending on the place, the support, the local electromagnetic charges, etc … Once the water is structured, it finds a very high internal activity, we speak of energy. Much of its qualities are restored.

The qualities of structured water:

  • Very wetting water which penetrates the tissues, thanks to its largely increased dissolved oxygen.
  • Its detergent and degreasing side makes it possible to clean oily and greasy surfaces.
  • Due to its restored internal activity, it naturally purifies itself.
  • Structured water is water rich in oxygen (the oxygen level is not increased, it is made more available) which gives it significant antibacterial and antioxidant power.
  • Structured water also has great flocculating power.
  • Structured water has a very high surface tension which gives it very slow evaporation, etc.


Professional use of structured water

Structured water provides answers for farmers working in animal husbandry, horticulture or market gardening. These areas are very sensitive to issues related to water and its sanitary condition. LM Innovation technology provides concrete answers and relevant results.