Father Theo's Farm

Father Theo's farm

is a farm in breeding polyculture, that is, it produces cereals and has a herd of goats. The operation has been equipped with LM Innovation technology for several months (November 2019).

Mr GABRIEL shares his observations:

Animal health:

Mortality of the kids:

  • autumn 2018 44%
  • spring 2019 15.6%
  • autumn 2019 17.8%
  • spring 2020 6.7%

Generally kids have a lot of arthritis in their joints, this spring there have been only a few that have been easily cured.
For goats, very good general condition, only three animals were treated with antibiotics for complications with minor or consequence giving birth, two of which only with fever.
No clinical mastitis.
On the other hand, the cell rate does not decrease: 2,300,000 for the herd; 1,950,000 for primiparous.

Water consumption

It ranged from 8 to 9 litres in 2018 -2019 and is currently 10 litres for the first 4 months of 2020.


In the first four months of the technology installation, the goats produced an extra 12,700 litres.
That's 28% more!


In 2018 TP 33.4 TB 38.7
In 2019 TP 35.6 TB 41.4

Very good cheese yield, the curd is regular and firm.
No technological accident, no mucor on cheeses what often happened to us before.

Bacteriology quality, very satisfactory after analysis.


I am waiting for the ultrasounds, I observed that the goats were very active in the off-season and that
goats that are not pregnant, have a second cycle.

That is a summary of my findings. We are very pleased with these improvements following the installation of LM Innovation technology.

I'll conclude by telling you THE LIFE IS BELLE!


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