Reducing the use of phytosanitary plants with structured water

tractor-cerealier As a cereal in the Department of Eure, we were looking for a solution to reduce the use of phytos in our production. We met Mr. Lepage on our farm with whom we exchanged a lot.The dialogue was fruitful, his knowledge of the problems related to our grain exploitation, his relevant questions led us to opt for structured water technology. We installed it in early 2018 on our 17-metre-deep well.

Drop of phytos with structured water

As I was advised on the day the technology was installed, we reduced the phytos by 25% compared to the prescribed dose. When spraying, the water behaves differently with structured water: there is no more fog behind the sprayer but rather drops.

Fewer herbicides: down almost 50%

On a herbicide, the technician who followed me for my crops recommended a switch to 2l/Ha. For optimum performance, I stayed with the 1.2l/Ha dose and I had a very good result. I almost stopped the adjuvants.Fewer diseases with fewer fungicides

With fewer phytos purchased this year, I would have a fairly quick return on investment.

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