All the benefits of structured water in market gardening, better yield, better conservation.

Market gardener in Marans

Immunity and vegetable development very important!


Comments by Mr. Michel PETIT, market gardener in reasoned culture with respect for nature and the environment! Installing DN65 technology in early spring 2019.

Vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, zucchini, cucumbers, salads, potatoes, etc.) are more resistant and do well. It takes some observation time to talk about LM Innovation technology, but for now it's very positive.

My first observations after testing:

Destruction of aphids overnight


The next morning all the aphids are on the ground.

Not long has passed to show real results but one thing is for sure, I was able to save tomato production against aphids in one night, for me the LM Innovation structured water device is depreciated for this year.

Given the introduction of auxiliary I had the opportunity to make a Pirimor insecticide but with a lot of skepticism. Two years ago the treatment didn't work, so I treated with water structured at 250 g/ha against 750 grams approved, I treated on Friday night and Saturday morning the aphids were on the ground even in other areas of the greenhouse. Cucumbers, for example, have benefited from steam treatment only. I didn't take out the hive of bumblebees that was in the greenhouse and the low-dose treatment didn't even kill them.

Decrease in treatment products with structured water

For aphids and different insects, I minimize treatment products with structured water, and I have identical results.


The burn on the cucumber is linked to the insecticide if it is too heavily dosed, because structured water enhances the effectiveness of the insecticide.


Other pictures of the greenhouse of peppers and peppers 6 weeks after planting, I fertilize only with organic fertilizers (Plant on May 27)

All greenhouses have been almonded with an organic enriched Bacillus sp and especially the pepper greenhouse. All the fruits are fertilized, they no longer have room to develop well!

The local store where I sell salads, noticed that the salads were more beautiful and kept longer. In fact I wash the cut with structured water and the conservation is better!

Beautiful tomato crop

tomato harvester

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