Lower cells for dairy cows and improved yield

Dairy cow breeder in the North

We had leukocyte problems for our herd of 65 dairy cows. Our milk production stagnated at an average of 25 litres per cow and its quality was poor. Our productivity was disappointing. We heard about water technology structured by neighbours and we met with Mr. Lepage a few weeks later.

We spent a day with him and trust and dialogue quickly took hold. We talked about our cell problems for our dairy cows and we talked about all the problems we have about the farm.

Mr. Lepage has proven to be a very good listener and a good connoisseur of cattle farming. He spoke frankly to us and offered us original solutions. We have listened to him and we are not disappointed to have opted for his solutions.

Geobiology on the farm

A geobiology was carried out on all the farm facilities, the milking room and all the facilities of the farm as well as on the dwelling house. For Mr. Lepage, electrical problems, electromagnetic disturbances, are the cause of many disturbances on animals, more "connected" than humans on their feelings. He presented us with a solution to the problems of disruption. At the same time we installed LM Innovation structured water technology in early 2018.

Structured water results on our dairy cows

Before the technology was installed, we had an average production of 25 litres per cow, now we have gone to 27 litres. Cows have much better digestion. They eat better and they are in better shape.

Their character has also changed. They are calmer between them and in the milking room. They're less stressed! Calves grow better, have less diarrhea and are much stronger. We have reduced the amount of veterinary products.

Effects on milk

We found that milk is much more qualitative. It is thicker, smells softer and creamier. We have improved its quality and are selling it more expensively to the co-op.

Cleaning up facilities

There is much less mud and seaweed in the troughs. The biofilm has all but disappeared, the water is of much better quality. We see first-of-one sour ingestthatour cows drink more. The facilities are cleaned better and we use far fewer cleaning products.

Use of structured water at home

As LM Innovation technology is connected to the main power supply, we use structured water at home. We also saw the benefits and changes of structured water for our consumption at home.

We drink more tap water, it tastes better and the pleasure of consuming it is stronger than before. We drink 1 to 2 more drinks at each meal. In the morning I have a drink before eating when before I did not feel the urge.

At the shower we have a smoother and softer skin. The skin doesn't shoot like it used to. My husband complained about having his eyes burning with the shampoo after the shower, now it's over.

For the maintenance of the house, we found the same thing as for the maintenance of the farm. We use half as much products, the floor and the windows stay clean longer, there is no more grip. Maintenance is faster and easier.

We recommend 100% structured water for use on the farm and at home.

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