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Use of structured water in bakeries

Plaud bakery at Roche Bernard

Structured water and bread, faster fermentation and better conservation of bread


Effects on dough and bread

We installed LM Innovation PRO technology on network water in May 2015. Since then we have observed the following benefits:

  • Possibility to hydrate the dough by 3 additional points,
  • The smoothing of the dough is obtained 2 minutes faster than before,
  • Perhaps a faster fermentation but difficult to quantify given the temperature differences.
  • The regulation of the fermentation is done better – the fermentation never goes in excess. It begins and after a while it stops, it stabilizes. It does not rise in the sour sides of the leaven.
  • The volume of the oven is more interesting – the bread is more developed.
  • A brighter crust of bread. Is it the effect of the water contained in the dough or the optimized action of the water vapor injected into the oven by the steam rods?
  • Better conservation of bread.

Significantly easier maintenance

Stainless steel is now streak-free, flawless, product-free. Cleaning is easier, surfaces are smoother, they have less grip.

The dishwasher is cleaner.

Disappearance of bad odors from sewers.

Structured water to advise without hesitation

The water is more pleasant to drink, it is very oxygenated. The hands are softer.

I want to equip my home with technology so that my family can benefit from structured water as well as our bakery in progress.


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