Fewer decommissioned eggs, less mortality of hens with structured water

Breeder of laying hens

We are settled as a breeder of organic laying hens in the Mayenne.

Geobiology was carried out prior to the introduction of a structured water Innovation LM technology in the spring of 2018.

The house and the small pool of water in front of the house are also connected to the technology.

Cleaning the biofilm and removing the UV lamp

We are on a surface well, we cleaned the biofilm as you recommended and unplugged the UV lamp.

Eggs are more beautiful, almost more mortality

  • We have fewer decommissioned eggs, they have better coloration due to assimilable limestone.
  • Few or almost more mortality, hens are beautiful at 82 weeks.
  • The atmosphere and atmosphere have completely changed in the henhouse.

Another effect of structured water

  • The water in the basin was always green with the oily walls, now the water is clear and the walls are clean.
  • The water is more pleasant to drink and we have a feeling of softness after the shower.

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