Vegetable crops and high sodium levels

Strawberry market gardening in Plougastel

Plant growth blocking problem. Structured water provided an answer.


We are settled in market gardening, producer of strawberries in greenhouses in the Finistère. We had a blockage of vegetation growth.

We had salt-laden drilling water with high sodium levels. Following our visit to the SIVAL in Angers, we opted for a structured water technology LM Innovation.

We are on a mixture of rainwater and spring water that feeds all our vegetable production for an area of greenhouses of 8000 m2.

From the first few weeks we saw a productive change.

Blocking problem solving

A few weeks after the installation of structured water technology, we saw its impact on our strawberry crops: plants age less, they stay green much longer and we no longer have blockage. 

We have seen beneficial effects on all of our vegetable production.

Savings on phyto products


Plants are less prone to disease, we use less fungicide. We reduced fertilizers from 1.5 millisiemens to 1.2 millisiemens. 

On the new substrate the plant starts faster. We have more production and better quality:

  • The fruit is more tasty,
  • it's denser,
  • it keeps better

Easier maintenance: saving time

Filters clog much less. Before the installation of the technology the cleaning was done every 15 days, now we do it 4 times in the season of the gariguette over 7 months, from January to July.

Structured water effect on peat

Peat degrades much less between two crops. With the loaves we could go on a third year on a cold crop. This saves us 14,800 euros, or 4,900 euros for a year. We do not regret our investment. 

"And we would like to thank these producers for their testimony during visits to the SIVAL stand among others…"

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