Operator 100% satisfied

Animals in better shape

Operator 100% satisfied with LM Innovation technology.

Earl METAYER AVICULTURE breeds 10,000 turkeys in Maine and Loire.

More treatment on the farm

Turkeys drink drilling water which is very rich in iron and manganese. Prior to the installation of the technology, water was treated with chlorine, oxygenated water or other products such as Desogerm. The technology was installed in December 2017 and since then all these treatments have been stopped and there are no more problems.

Technology profitability in one batch

Similarly, there was no drug treatment on turkey batches. This is how we can see that the technology was paid for in one batch (i.e. in 120 days).

I add bacteria to the building and water to promote good digestive flora.

With structured water technology and no chemistry, I find that digestive flora is more resilient and that animals are in better shape.

This summer 2018 was very hot and the animals resisted very well (no need to add copper); they drank a lot, and there was no enteritis.

Saving time and more filter cleaning problems

Before the technology was introduced, there were filters in the troughs that had to be washed every 8 days; since this investment, I have saved a lot of time, the filters are clogging much less and I did only a wash after 100 days.

Low mortality

As we did not have a health problem, mortality was very low.

Very satisfactory conclusion

The consumption index is significantly lower than the previous batches.

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