Reasoned agriculture market gardening: improved production with structured water

Market gardening in reasoned agriculture

Improved cleaning and conservation of market gardening production.


Installing structured water technology in reasoned agriculture on a market garden area of 3.5 Ha.

The market gardener grows mainly seasonal vegetables: celery, beets, beans, pumpkins, chard and lots of tomatoes, uses organic manure (cattle manure), and never uses chemical treatments.

Our client was equipped with LM Innovation technology during the summer of 2016, installed at the exit of the drilling before the storage tank. 

Why install technology on structured water?

As early as 2017, I saw a big improvement in production:

  • Plants are more beautiful.
  • There's a lot more vegetation,
  • A big flowering and a lot of fruit.
  • Fewer diseases.

bunch tomatoes

How is vegetable cleaning and preservation going?

I felt better about the production. In addition, we found very clearly that washing was more efficient, celery and beets cleaner.

We also observed that washed vegetables were better preserved… Even after 10 days, they remained very hydrated with a beautiful color. 

Conclusion of the installation of structured water

I am satisfied with all the improvements made on my market gardening production


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