Astrid's swimming pool in the Landes

Astrid's swimming pool in the Landes

Warmer water, no more salt or chlorine!

Sharing Astrid and her family


Astrid, after a year of using the pool with structured water, what did you notice?

First, I could see that the pool water is warmer than usual, three or four degrees warmer than the pools that are around us. It is very nice to swim in this pool because there is no salt or chlorine.

Easy maintenance, warmer water

It's nice when we get out of the pool, we don't need to shower afterwards, and it's not negligible. Children like us, when we bathe, it's like taking a bath. We have better shape, children are much more relaxed, the skin is less dry. This is very important especially for children who have atopic skins like one of my children, it's much better for him. Then what I noticed, the fact of not putting any more salt or chlorine, is to have energizing water. Maintenance is easier and I realized that you still have to clean the sand filter every ten days to make sure that the pump itself is more dynamic so that the water no longer swirls in the pool and you have to update it and bare it, constantly as soon as you open it and do not hesitate to leave the pump in manual. What really impressed us was the warming of the pool, we had a heat pump to put the water at 28oC, it is exposed in full wind, all day in the sun and the water could not exceed 25 – 26 oC without the pump. Since this summer with structured water it is mostly at 32oC, it's very important.

No more heat pump, fast start-up

If you have a pool to buy back, will you put on a heat pump?

No if I had a pool to buy back, no I would not put a heat pump I see no interest since we climb enough and it takes the heat of the sun much faster. It's spring, we've just opened and the pool water is already at 22oC.  The piscion, who came to take stock of this operation, told me that the water in the pools at present was not more than 18oC.  It's interesting, thanks to this system you no longer need to spend 15 days preparing the pool, putting alkaline, putting acid, salt and waiting for everything to dissolve. The children can immediately bathe without any problems so it's a hassle less, less money to spend, we're delighted!

So it's much easier to close and open the pool?   Exactly!

Another point, when you opened this year you undone the tarpaulin on top and the children bathed right away?

 Yes, we put the robot as the water is alive, we have earthworms coming, frogs, just pass a shot, clean and everything is clean.  It's very nice to think, that in fact insects, animals, birds come to drink the water from the pool, we know that the water is alive, it's important for us.

Saving time, and simplicity in closing and opening the pool

How was the pool at the opening? 

The water was beautiful, blue, turquoise, beautiful, transparent, translucent. It's as good, see better than when we had salt, since with salt she had turned just once, there she did not turn. We are delighted, there is nothing to say. So we have the whole electrolysis machine that we stopped and we want to sell, if anyone is interested.

There, you only had LM Innovation technology on the pool and two porcelains? Exactly!

And today, you will make the season with informed sand to see if the result is the same or even amplified?

That's it, the ideal is to optimize the water as best as possible, for that if we can put the whole system informed it will be good.

The flaking effect of water

The important thing is to put the robot that cleans the pool, the water has a flaking effect, you find small sand of the moors, there is a lot of sand and the sand settles in the bottom without problem: yes quite, before we had it in the pool but it was at the has surface while now everything goes down to the bottom of the pool and it's much easier to clean it.

The water line

In fact, I just noticed that with the products we used to put, we had a water line that we had to clean regularly and the whole outline of the pool. And now with the water structured nothing, we no longer need to clean the water line of the pool, there is no more demarcation. There is no longer a line that formed, a kind of color between the hull that takes the sun and the hull where there is water. So it's very interesting and it's less dirty especially. The restructured, energized water allows to clean the entire pool and essentially this water line.

Thank you!   


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