Orchards in the Lot and Garonne

Orchards in the Lot and Garonne

Better hydration of plants, less phytosanitary products in prune cultivation.

Structured water and prunes

The GAEC "The Orchards of Briteste" in Bruch is located in the Lot and Garonne.

The farm is on an area of 120 hectares including 50 hectares of fruit trees, 10 hectares of vines, 12 hectares of market gardening, 8 hectares of seed beetroot bear and 40 ha of cereals.

50% decrease in plant protection products

All phytosanitary products are made with energized water, structured water has reduced plant products by 50%, a saving of 15,000 euros per year.

Before we had an OVA PHYTO system that allowed us to reduce all products by 30% but we had to manage the PH and conductivity that was a constraint.

Better plant hydration

We have seen the benefits of structured water. Among other things, it allows a better hydration of the plant and therefore a clear efficiency of absorption by the cuticle. This minimizes the leaching of the sprayed treatment product during heavy rains and the efficiency of the products used.

Irrigation of orchards with water structured with LM Innovation technology

Best prune rissoles in the region

The result on the fruit is remarkable especially on the plums of Ente with which we make prunes. The bakers who work with our products have seen a strong increase in sales of 30 to 40% more, BAKERY bakery in Firmi in Aveyron, manufacturer of prune rissoles as well as pies.

Finished products such as prunes have thinner skin, taste and flavours of the terroir are more expressed.

Structured water helps to retain customers thanks to the quality of our fruits and vegetables.

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