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Savings in cleaning products – Structured Water for washing stations

Structured water for washing stations


For activities where water plays a central role, LM Innovation structured water technology provides unprecedented answers. The owners of washing stations go with structured water to significantly modify the way they work on expenditure items as on cleaning products and customer satisfaction.

Less cleaning products

Water, in its natural state, has naturally solvent and detergent properties. By human treatments (pumping, electro magnetism), water loses its molecular structure. Thanks to the structure of LM Innovation water, water regains its structure in clusters.

Result: with more solvent and detergent water the washing stations use much less washing products. Among our customers we have found between 30 and 50% less products depending on the hardness of the water and washing systems.

For you it is a real economy which generally covers investment over a short period. It is also less pollutant releases which is another great advantage.


Customer satisfaction

Beyond the economic and ecological items, what are the results of structured water on your customers’ vehicles?

The effect is very positive. As for domestic use (house and linen maintenance) structured water has effects on the exterior appearance of vehicles.

When washing, the most delicate parts to be washed (optics, windows, rims) are much cleaner and degreased. Likewise, the bodywork is much cleaner and the water flows better, leaving fewer marks.

For your customers who are demanding and concerned about the exterior appearance of their car, structured water has flattering effects on the bodywork, giving it a more shiny and velvety appearance. To the touch the structured water deposits a very light, soft film.

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