Better preservation of vegetables by structured water washing

Washing vegetables

Better preservation of vegetables with structured water washing.

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The market gardening company located in Réville in the English Channel has equipped itself with structured water technology for washing vegetables in November 2018. Our market gardeners are a testament to the results.

Better preservation of carrots and turnips

After washing the vegetables with structured water, we observed:

  • Vegetables hold up much better,
  • Better preservation of carrots and turnips,
  • Turnips no longer turn yellow, they remain white even after a few days (although this vegetable is particularly fragile and delicate),
  • No return of merchandise from customers.

Very satisfactory water analysis

Before the technology was installed, we had done a water analysis where we had pathogenic bacteria since the technology was installed, we did a very satisfactory analysis.

Advantage of structured water at home

I have pretty dry and chacing-prone hand skin, I had to put cream 3 times a day and now I put it just 2 times in the week. 

We drink tap water, no more buying bottles of water, it is very pleasant to drink.

I have a Godin stove not easy to clean and with structured water I clean it without product, spraying and it is impeccable.

The shower and toilets are much brighter.

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