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Delicatessen and delicatessen laboratory

What does structured water bring to a charcuterie laboratory and Prat Torras charcuterie in Spain?

Cleaning is facilitated in the laboratory premises and in the delicatessen.


For ham and / or cheese cutting machines, stainless steel scales, cutting boards, the results are impressive.

  • No more hot water, we work with the hand sprayer with structured cold water alone.
  • After spraying, let it act for a few minutes before cleaning. The remains of ham and / or cheese no longer stick, especially on the cutting blade. They are removed with the cloth without forcing and without chemicals. There is no longer a fat problem even with chorizo.
  • The wetting and detergent side is clean!

It’s perfect !

The technology is used 100%. Note: “With normal water, it makes a sandwich, it sticks and it is greasy”.

Ditto on the cutting board and on the stainless steel scale, it sprays, leaves to act and passes the cloth.

No more chemicals.

We are 100% satisfied with the installation of LM Innovation structured water technology.

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