Gain in watering and production in organic vegetable growing

Water saving in organic market gardening

Watering gain and positive effects on soil and organic vegetable production.


We are organic market gardeners near Chartres in Eure and Loire (28) and we always wanted to optimize our water consumption. During a visit to the SIVAL in Angers, we met Mr. Lepage and his structured water technology.

His professional discourse on water and its intrinsic qualities attracted us, we decided to opt for LM Innovation technology and the results were very satisfactory.

Watering gain from installation 

Before the technology was installed, we needed about 3:30 to water. From the first waterings, we realized that 2:30 was enough. We have achieved our water saving goal.

And the effects of structured water on our vegetable production have gone further than expected. 

Effect of structured water on soil and vegetables 


  • Watering with structured water allows better penetration of water into the soil and better retention on the ground.
  • Crops are more straightforward and greener.
  • There are fewer diseases and no parasites.

Our vegetables are more beautiful and keep better. 

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