Marblery in the Jura (39)


More erosion on marble machining

We had big problems with rust attacks, punctures on the metal structure of the plant and on all the machines that are in contact with the water. The erosion is due to the process water that allows the cutting and various machining works of the marble. Our water flows in a closed circuit at around 240m3/h. This water is loaded with limestone residue from the cuts of the marble.

Chemical floculant too aggressive

We use a very aggressive chemical floculant, which separates the solid elements from the liquid. It is this floculant that erodes all the metal parts of the plant on contact with water.

Benefits of water structured in floculation

Ms. BARDET SAUVAT, distributor of LM Innovation technology, au-DELA DE L'EAU and Maurice LEPAGE came to present their technology and the benefits of water structured in floculation.

We have installed two large DN100 water restructuring technologies.

Very quickly, we were able to start lowering the dosage of the floculant injected into the water through dosing pumps.

After about a month we are on a very significant decline of 78.2%

We installed these technologies in December 2017, we had no plugging problems, the workstations are much less white, the water is clearer, much less aggressive and therefore softer.

We are fully satisfied with this investment.

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