Structured water and dairy cows: fewer cells, more milk

Dairy cows and cheese making County AOP

We had cell problems for our dairy cows. Structured water has provided a novel solution.

We are established as a milk producer for the manufacture of AOP County cheese in Rignat in Ain.

We had electrical problems on the farm and the circuit breaker would jump as soon as there were thunderstorms.

We performed a geobiology on the farm and modified some disorders of the electrical installation. We installed LM Water Innovation technology last year in May 2018.

That is what we saw after the technology was installed.

Effects of structured water on the farm

Despite a dry season, we managed to maintain normal milk production. At the same time, we found that cows drink more water. This one looks better, it's much clearer. The development of algae and biofilm is very limited, if not non-existent.

Effect on our cows: fewer cells and more milk

The most appreciable result is on the cell rate. The level of leukocytes has decreased sharply and cows produce more milk. At the same time, we noticed that the behaviour of the cows has changed. The herd is more peaceful and the cows are more docile in the milking room. Sledgers work much better.

Easier maintenance, time saving

One effect that we did not expect that Mr. LEPAGE had told us about, is on the maintenance of the milking room. We take much less time to maintain the equipment because it is less cluttered.

This time saving is more than appreciable, we have more time to follow our animals or for us. In addition, we use fewer cleaning products which is in line with the economy and reducing the use of chemicals.

Structured water at home

The water-structuring machine is connected to the farm's power supply which also serves the house. Like our dairy cows, we also use structured water every day. We have seen beneficial effects for us that are similar to our herd.

  • Cleaning inside the house and much easier.
  • We use less household products.
  • After the shower, we have a feeling of softness.
  • We drink more water.
  • Our green plants have regained vitality with structured water, with less watering.

We recommend 100% structured water for the home and for the cows. This technology has brought a lot of positives into our lives.






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